Video of Maison Fin De Saison’s ON AIR OFF AIR presentation of the collection Man Garb.  Makeup & Hair by myself and my lovely assistant Donna-Marie Holder.

Cheap Monday Carnaby Street Opening


Crepe City

Yesterday myself, Lauren & the famalam went to check out Crepe City.  Was a good day out, lots of kicks (kinda knew the ones I wanted were not gonna be in my size but there were a lot of kicks in small sizes hooray), lots of sneaker watching, checking out brands, music that brought me and Lauren WAY back and just good vibes.  

Pre Crepe City

Photos by Me, Jade & Adrian

Last week Lauren & myself attended the CT & Nike BBQ 2011.  Was a good day of sneaker watching, drinking, eating and walking up and down what felt like a million stairs.  GOOD TIMES.  

I managed to dodge the video cam but came across this one on hypebeast and can spot my lovely partner in crime pop up in the video a few times…. Can you spot her? 

Thank you Crooked Tongues & Nike!

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